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Jill, 50

I started RBC in March at the beginning of the pandemic. I had always wanted to try her class, but I was slightly intimidated. Deciding that I needed to move and let out some of my anxiety, I signed up. Rosie was incredibly welcoming fro the beginning. She showed me modifications on exercises and she encouraged me each class. I loved it so much that I brought my 15 year old daughter with me. Together, we’ve become huge RBC fans. Rosie worked with both of us at varying levels of fitness and youth, just as she does all of her clients. She pushes you to be your best and she makes it fun. I love the positive energy and laughter in each class, as much as I love feeling stronger and healthier and watching my daughter feel the same. Taking that first class in March saved my sanity and increased my physical and emotional endurance. It can do the same for you...give it a try!

Nikki, 22

As a female, collegiate athlete, I find myself getting the best training at Rosie’s Bootcamp. It is a workout that everyone is able to do. She provides modifications and alternatives to each exercise. The positive, hard-working environment is why I recommend Rosie’s Bootcamp.

Cenzia Brown 73

I Joined Rosie's Bootcamp when I was well into my 60's. There are days when I exercise next to a female teenage or another day I may be working next to a 50 year old male, each of us getting the workout we need at the level of fitness we desire. Her enthusiasm is contagious and everyone in the group is supportive and nonjudgemental, we are all too busy with our own workout to notice anyone else. Her commitment to fitness is apparent, her music is lively and her workouts are ever changing so i never get bored. I always leave feeling more energetic then when I arrived and in a good mood, ready to start my day."

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