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Why R+F:


I chose to own my own Skin Care business and partner with the #1 Skin Care Brand in the US and Canada AND the most famous Dermatologists in the World, Katie Rodan and Kathie Fields in 2016 because they aligned with my philosophy of taking care of yourself on the inside and out. 


Rodan + Fields is a perfect fit for my fitness business.  I have learned so much about myself, being a business owner and how important it is to take care of your skin and use the right ingredients in the right order with the highest quality ingredients that will make a difference in your skin. My team of over 150 women are helping to support their families and create opportunities that they never imagined for themselves.


The Rodan + Fields product has enabled me to offer more to my clients with a brand that I trust and it has enabled my family more options.  I currently rank in sales in the top 200 Consultants world wide on a monthly basis and have been able to take my family around the world with this business.  

In order to find the right Skin Care Treatment for YOU please Click Here for my 30 second solutions tool

To learn about becoming a consultant with Rodan + Fields Click Here

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